Friday, July 16, 2010

Skin Diseases

Ayurvedic medicne has considered all types of skin diseases under "Kushta Roga". Name "Kushta" refers;
'Kushnati vapuh iti kushtam' means the roga which causes discolouration, disfiguration, bringing disgrace upon the bearer. This emphasis skin is the reflection of underlying metabolism of the body. The more the skin is disfigured in colour, texture, touch & radiant; the more we get the hint of a serious faulty metabolism going on inside the body.

Skin is the large organ of the body.
Functions of the skin-

  • Thermoregulation
  • Protection
  • Metabolism
  • Sensation
  • Absorption
  • Excretion
Ayurveda has also mentioned 7 layers of skin & different type of skin diseases involved in different layers of the skin. There are 18 types of skin diseases involves 3 Doshas [Vata, Pitta, Kapha], 4 Dhatus [ Twak , Rakta, Mamsa, Ambu] in the body. [Sapta dravya Samgrahaya]

Here we are going to describe not the types, but the causes of skin diseases, to emphasis how to prevent from skin diseases.

Causes of Skin diseases-
  • Intake of mutually contradictory food, drinks which are liquid, unctuous and heavy.
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Performance of physical exercise in excessive heat and after taking very heavy meals
  • Transgression of the prescribed order of the intake of food and with reference to heat and cold, as well as fasting
  • Use of cold water immediately after exposure to scorching sun, exertion, or exposure to frightening situations
  • Intake of uncooked food and/or intake of food, before the previous meal is digested
  • Excessive intake of food prepared of freshly harvested grains, curd, fish, salt, and sour substances.
  • Untruthfulness, ungratefulness, insult of preceptors, sinful acts, misdeeds of past lives.
This realises Kushta is not only due to somatic factors, but also due to some psychological imbalances as well as spiritual.
According to Ayurvedic medicine, skin disease are  also communicable . Sushruta has described it as;
'Prasamgad gaatra samsparshad - Nihshvasat sahabhojanat
Saha shayyasanacchapi - vastramalyanulepanat
Kushtam jvarahcha shoshashcha - netrabhishyanda evacha
Aupasargika rogashcha - samkramanti narannaram'

Having Sexual activities , touching, inhalation, eating together, sleeping together, sharing clothes etc. with a diseased person cause the spread of Kushta [Skin diseases], Jvara [Fever], Shosha [T.B] & Netrabhishyanda [Conjunctivitis].
This is the best example for  the concept of communicable diseases in Ayurveda.
Avoid above causing factors & prevent from skin diseases.
May all you have a healthy life!

Dr. Indunil Weerarathne

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